In Venetia Manufacti

A young and innovative Veneto company.
In just a few years it became a renowned and valuable point of reference for the most prestigious high fashion brands, introducing its own brand onto the Italian market in 1998.
The goal at Stil-Tre is to offer perfectly handcrafted products to give the market always new and trendy collections distributed through an extensive chain of italian and foreign retail shops.

Design and develop products with high differential value and strong identities. The purpose of offering our customers a high quality products that is attentive to everything that regards, research - experimentation - innovation.
We constantly look around to find stimulating realities and to travel in time while searching for signs that can be re-interpreted our passion goes to Art, Design and everything that is culture, creating a wealth of images to refer to when building a constantly evolving and transforming identity .
We embrace the past, live the present with consistency and look quickly forward, with the aim at constantly meeting the desires of a continuously evolving public.

Interview with the Designer

My passion is not for fashion per se, but passion for everything that surronds me and characterizes my life. I love looking at everything that communicates, that gives meaning to my work. Achitecture-Art-Cinema-Music-Dance. Any form of life!
Today the individual does not need designers seen as “Persons who impose life styles”. On the contrary they need to be pressed so that they improve their perception of the quality of life. “esseUTesse” in Latin means “to be in order to be”.
All my thoughts-searching-efforts go back to this slogan with the intent of improving the world that surronds me.
I do not aim at a precise individual who can be classified, but at everyone who uses the objects that surround them as expressions of themselves.
I never speak of a last collection, but of my most recent one, belonging to an evolutionary path that uses history as its inspiration.
Luxury in the future will be the enjoyment of time, relishing time with patience. Even creativity will move towards patience. New handcrafted form of production combine with the results of industrial mass production and new forms of beauty recognize the importance of time.
Entering into reletionship with one’s own creativity also means the ability to wait and to take one’s own proper time. The future i like to think of is one where people are permitted the greatest possible partecipation, extremely democratic. the challange, threrefore, is amount of time and thought that every business can make available to its own product.